Dennis Lehane on

The French Connection

Released 1971
Distributor Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Five Oscars went to William Friedkin’s dynamic NYPD saga based on the exploits of detective Eddie Egan, who envisioned himself being played by Rod Taylor. Instead, Gene Hackman leapt to stardom in the role. The Department, annoyed by scripter Ernest Tidyman’s portrayal of the force, canned Egan seven hours before he was to sign his retirement papers!

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About Dennis Lehane

Dennis Lehane grew up in the Dorchester section of Boston. He’s published 11 novels, three of which (Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone, and Shutter Island) have been made into award-winning films. Lehane’s work has been translated into twenty-two languages. He has been a staff writer on HBO’s The Wire and Boardwalk Empire, and adapted his short story Animal Rescue, into a feature film called The Drop for Fox Searchlight, which was released September 2014. He and his wife and children divide their time between Boston and Los Angeles.

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