Alan Spencer on

The Enforcer

Released 1976
Distributor Warner Bros.

Although Clint Eastwood had intended to direct the third Dirty Harry movie himself, his replacement of Philip Kaufman during The Outlaw Josey Wales prevented him from taking the reins on The Enforcer, so his assistant director James Fargo was drafted to do the job. Tyne Daley’s tough female cop foreshadows her role in the hit Cagney and Lacey tv series. The music is by Jerry Fielding, making this the only Dirty Harry film without a score by Lalo Schifrin. By the way, the line “Go ahead, make my day” does not actually appear until the next film in the series, Sudden Impact.

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About Alan Spencer

Alan Spencer is best known for creating the classic satirical eighties sitcom Sledge Hammer! and the recent controversial "ultra violent" comedy Bullet in the Face for IFC. For years he's been regarded as one of Hollywood's top script doctors and has never lost a patient.