Dracula, Prince of Darkness/Plague of the Zombies

by TFH Team Mar 14, 2014

Trailers From Hell welcomes all movies great and small but sometimes a particular trailer may not be up to the visual quality of the rest of our catalog or is simply too oddball to present in our usual format. Nevertheless, there’s such a wealth of exciting, strange and unusual films out there, we’d be remiss not to call attention to them. We’re happy to present the TFH Misfits.



The double feature trailer for Hammer’s underrated follow-up to 1958’s Horror of Dracula starring a silent movie version of the vampire (Christopher Lee thought the dialogue was too dumb to utter). Its co-feature, a downer-zombie movie with a unique slant on the social stratification of the UK at the turn of the century, was part of the so-called “Cornwall” duo claiming The Reptile as its sister film due to similar locations and settings.

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