Max Landis on

The Terminator

Released 1984
Distributor Orion

James Cameron’s triumphant updating of the well-made, low-budget sci-fi thrillers that flourished in the fifties was a box office smash in 1984. Cameron’s whip-smart direction hits all the satirical twists and turns of the innovative script he wrote with Gale Ann Hurd and attention must be paid to TFH guru Mark Goldblatt’s turn-on-a-dime editing. Four bigger budget sequels followed, with a fifth on the way this fall (Terminator: Dark Fate).



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About Max Landis

Max Landis is a screenwriter, and now a director and a producer too, which is neat. He wrote Chronicle and that was pretty cool, and it looks like other stuff he wrote will be movies also, which he describes as “exciting.” Max loves movies and comics and arbitrary weirdness that doesn’t namedrop itself or try too hard to be cool.