Heidi Honeycutt on

Terminal Island

Released 1973
Distributor Dimension Pictures

Roger Ebert dismissed Stephanie Rothman’s sweaty sexploitation flick as “The kind of movie that can almost be reviewed by watching the trailer”—TFH Guru Heidi Honeycutt is here to accept that challenge. More entertaining than Ebert would suggest, the 1973 film stars Phyllis Davis as just one of many voluptuous inmates on a remote island where escape is impossible and no guards are necessary. 28 year old Tom Selleck makes an appearance along with Marta Kristen, teenaged Judy Robinson of Lost in Space.

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About Heidi Honeycutt

Heidi Honeycutt is a film programmer and film journalist with extensive knowledge of horror film history and women genre film directors. She is the co-founder of Etheria Film festival, the world-famous showcase of new genre films directed by women. She is the producer of the six-season fantasy/horror series "Etheria" and the horror anthology show "Beyond the Dark" for Shudder as well as several special features documentaries including "Killer Cuisine: The Making of Blood Diner".