Larry Cohen on

The Ten Commandments

Released 1956
Distributor Paramount

Our 600th trailer is Epic in every way. Larry manages to find 10 MINUTES of stuff to say about this‚ extended promo for‚ C.B. DeMille’s last‚ religious spectacle– which isn’t really‚ so much about the Bible as it is about Anne Baxter’s breasts.‚ ‚ Seems like every ten minutes somebody’s wailing “Oh Moses, Moses, Moses…”! Paramount’s fabulous new Blu-ray captures the textures and colors of this enduring blockbuster better than anything since its original VistaVision release.

[Ed. Sadly, this trailer has been lost to the sands of time — and website layout changes.]

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About Larry Cohen

The prolific writer-producer-director Larry Cohen began his career in television creating hit shows like Branded and The Invaders.  His feature career took off with the killer baby trio of It’s Alive and two sequels.  Among his movie credits are Q – The Winged Serpent, Full Moon High, The Private Life of J. Edgar Hoover, Return to Salem’s Lot, Hell Up in Harlem and the screenplays for Phone Booth and Cellular.  He also wrote and directed the Masters of Horror episode, Pick Me Up. Larry passed away on March 23, 2019.