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Supporting the media you love is more essential now than ever. At Trailers From Hell, we think that we’re doing more than just creating a fresh, evolving, experience you love, something more than just film appreciation and commentary three times a week. No, we’re actively involved in preserving the movies (or, at the least, the memory of them) for future generations. It’s a space completely free of any corporate interference or business interests that might interfere with the one guiding editorial principle we hold close: a passion for films, both new and old, classic and obscure, great and, yes, sometimes terrible .

It’s run by us, basically, and by our friends and by whomever of our always-growing guru stable we can rope in to sitting and telling us a little more about the movies they’re watching or remembering. Unfortunately, doing these things isn’t always cheap (and doesn’t always pay for itself) so it comes down to you as the only way we can keep this site alive. And free.

Or, to put it another way, unless you want us putting this site into the vault where they keep all the other failed internet projects, we need whatever support you can lend us, even if that’s just the occasional sharing of a link to our latest bit of movie love.

Of course, financial support is the greatest and yours won’t go unrewarded, either. Behold what tossing us a few shekels or a a couple fat stacks of cash will be appreciated with:

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