Amy Jones on

Slumber Party Massacre

Released 1982
Distributor New World

Former editor Amy Holden Jones reveals a saga that could only have taken place in the bygone world of Roger Corman’s New World Pictures, and resulted in her first directorial assignment– a girls-in-jeopardy horror picture that led to a career as a successful Hollywood screenwriter. Sequels ensued.

About Amy Jones

Amy Holden Jones studied photography and filmmaking at MIT and was mentored by Martin Scorsese, for whom she edited the documentary American Boy. She went on to edit Hollywood Boulevard, Second Hand Hearts and Corvette Summer, then wrote and directed Slumber Party Massacre, Love Letters, Maid to Order and The Rich Man's Wife.  A long series of writing assignments followed, including the scripts for Mystic Pizza, Indecent Proposal, The Getaway, The Relic and Beethoven. She is the writer and creator of a new series, The Black Box, currently in pre-production, to air on ABC in early 2014