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Released 1983
Distributor Universal

Brian de Palma and Oliver Stone’s ultra-violent, over the top remake of the 1932 Howard Hawks classic moves the action to 1980s Miami and provoked a wave of negative reaction to its boisterous excesses. It had to be submitted three times to the MPAA before being cut to qualify for an R rating. Yet today it’s one of the most fervently admired of cult classics, particularly in hip hop circles. The network tv version removed 32 minutes of sex, violence and profanity, but added a number of scenes from the cutting room floor, many of which are included in the Blu-ray release.

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About Katt Shea

Writer-director Katt Shea has been honored with retrospectives of her critically acclaimed films at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, The British Film Institute in London and various festivals throughout Europe.  Her work includes: Poison Ivy starring Drew Barrymore and Tom Skerritt, The Rage: Carrie II, and Dance of the Damned.