Stuart Gordon on

Ride the High Country

Released 1962
Distributor MGM

Director Sam Peckinpah was furious when the studio cavalierly pulled the plug on his Colorado location shoot, forcing him to build a mining town full of fake snow in Bronson Canyon. Nevertheless he was able to regroup and the resulting movie, an elegiac valedictory‚ for western icons Joel McCrea and Randolph Scott, set the tone for a dynamic if erratic career. McCrea made a few more films, but Scott never made another.

About Stuart Gordon

Writer/director Stuart Gordon has returned to the world of live theater with his recent productions of Nevermore starring his old friend Jeffrey Combs as Edgar Allan Poe, and Re-Animator The Musical (the title says it all.) Next year he will be producing and directing Taste, a play based on the true life story of the man who put a help-wanted ad on the internet for someone he could kill and eat.