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Released 1984
Distributor MGM/UA Entertainment Company

Set in a smoggy Pennsylvania mill town, the first film from director James Foley and screenwriter Chris Columbus sounds like the plot of a Springsteen song with Aidan Quinn in the role of a misunderstood dreamer from the wrong side of the tracks romancing a poor little rich girl played by Daryl Hannah. Beautifully photographed by Michael Ballhaus, the film is jam-packed with 80’s musical faves but no Bruce to be found (though his kid sister Pam has a bit part).

About Larry Karaszewski

Larry Karaszewski with his writing/directing/producing partner Scott Alexander won the Best Screenplay Golden Globe for The People vs. Larry Flynt and was nominated by the Writers Guild of America for the cult favorite Ed Wood.  Other credits include writing the Milos Forman film Man on the Moon, adapting the Stephen King story 1408, producing Paul Schrader's Auto Focus, and writing/producing the upcoming Tim Burton feature Big Eyes.  Larry is an active Los Angeles cineaste serving on the board of advisors for the Cinefamily and  hosting a long running film series for the American Cinematheque.