Jesus Treviño on

Pitch Black

Released 2000
Distributor USA Films

Director David Twohy’s modestly budgeted science-fiction thriller was a surprise hit in 2000. Starring Vin Deisel as the space-age anti-hero  Richard Riddick, the film grossed over 53 million leading to a 2004 sequel, The Chronicles of Riddick. Twohy (screenwriter for 1998’s The Fugitive and TFH guru Mick Garris’ Critters 2) revisited the character three more times in Dark Fury, Riddick:Blindsided and 2013’s Riddick.

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About Jesus Treviño

Writer-director Jesus Salvador Treviño has more than a hundred hours of American prime-time television to his credit, including episodes of such shows as NYPD BlueERResurrection BlvdThird WatchCrossing JordanCriminal Minds, BonesThe Unit, and Law and Order: Criminal Intent. He began his career as an activist documentary filmmaker covering the 1960s Chicano civil rights movement.  But throughout all these efforts, he was hounded by his demanding and persistent Inner Nerd, which triumphed when he began directing episodes of SeaquestStar Trek: VoyagerStar Trek: Deep Space Nine, Babylon FiveSpace Above and Beyond, and the two-hour TNT movie Babylon Five: Third Space.