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Penn Jillette on LOOK – The Director’s Cut!

by TFH Team Oct 31, 2013

directors cutSunday we premiered Penn Jillette’s commentary  on Adam Rifkin’s Look. Ever the raconteur, Penn riffed extemporaneously for nearly twelve-and-a-half minutes on  Adam’s movie and only a fraction of that would fit into our normal format. So today we’re happy to present that epic version. You’ll find nearly 8 additional minutes of Penn’s insights with only a few of his words pulled (for clarity and flow) from the original commentary.

We’re also presenting special guest artist Adam Rifkin who drummed up an energetically deranged self-portrait alongside his grandiose friend. Robert Crumb, eat your heart out.

On a side note, Penn and Adam’s campaign for their film Director’s Cut is rushing toward its completion… so watch Penn’s monumental commentary and then head over to Fund Anything and help make Director’s Cut happen.