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Mutiny on the Bounty (1962)

Released 1962
Distributor Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Like the following year’s Cleopatra, the drama behind the scenes of Lewis Milestone’s Mutiny on the Bounty surpassed the film itself. Its reputation has inched upward after a rocky reception in 1962; Trevor Howard delivers a scathing take on the surly Captain Bligh, and as the foppish Fletcher Christian, Marlon Brando can’t help but be compelling. Though the three-hour running time is daunting, Milestone has a steady hand on the rudder and Robert Surtees’s glorious 70MM imagery is a big help.

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I’d love to see this movie in 70 mm – if there are any theaters left, anywhere, that still project 70-mm. The images in 70 mm are amazingly beautiful.
On a related note, I toured the replica of the “Bounty” when she visited Chicago during the tour of the Tall Ships in 2003. It was a beautiful piece of work, though it’s difficult to imagine, nowadays, how so many humans could live in such a cramped shell for months at a time. Nine years later, in 2012, the ”
Bounty” sank in a hurricane off the Carolina coast. The Coast Guard blamed the loss of the ship on mistakes by the captain – mistakes that Captain Bligh, who was a superb navigator and seaman, probably wouldn’t have made.

Allan Arkush

Larry, one of your best. #1 I want to now see the movie, #2- Informative, #3- it proves my premise that all TFH should be shot on location.

Patrick Bennat

Actually there’s now three TFH commentaries for this “Bounty” version. There was another one done by famed actor (and sometime director of great comedies) Buster Crabbe in 2012. All three are worthwhile & nicely complement each other. I’m still disappointed that David Lean couldn’t finish his double feature version of the story (which I think later became the basis of the Donaldson one).

That said, I’m a big fan of your commentaries (& of course your film work with Scott Alexander) which over the years have led me to some wonderful discoveries, especially those obscure 70’s oddities you seem to enjoy so much. Thank you for that!

Last edited 27 days ago by Patrick Bennat

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