Music & Stories: Israel ’66

by Allan Arkush Nov 24, 2018

PERSPECTIVE. Writing and telling these stories has given me perspective and an appreciation of why my story unfolded the way it did. This chapter begins with the last days of Fort Lee High School and two events, one at the very beginning and one at the very end, that explain a lot about feelings that I have had for decades.

One of my very favorite authors is Philip Roth, specifically for his insights into Judaism, the man is from Newark NJ, so I identify. In the Summer of 1966 on my trip to Israel I experienced the differences between American & Israeli Jews, some of which are thematic to Roth’s best work.

That first trip abroad was more than I could ever have hoped it could be. A life long friend and lessons in Jewish identity are all part of Chapter 8. There is also music, All Day & All Of The Night, and a lot of laughs too.

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