Music and Stories – Reckless Youth Pt. 3

by Allan Arkush Dec 08, 2018

If you could travel back in time and see me during the summer of ’68, you would not see any noticeable differences between May and September. But in 2018, I know that my experiences — especially those outlined in “Reckless Youth Pt. 3” — had a profound effect.

I started taking the path I was on quite seriously. It went from a thrill ride, to a life choice with real consequences. After that summer, I devoted myself to Film School and to my new job at the Fillmore East. These were two choices that I wholeheartedly pursued and NOW I was going to act on those choices with all the intensity and focus of a pre-med student aiming for Harvard.

That trip across the country with my close friend Ted Cohen had shaken both of us. It’s time to hear that tale and to tell the stories of folk rock, Shindig and the difficult life of Dusty Springfield.

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