Stuart Gordon on

Mr. Sardonicus

Released 1961
Distributor Columbia

The last big gimmick of William Castle’s Golden Era was The Punishment Poll, where the audience ostensibly decided the fate of the rictus-faced heavy. It’s cheap, lurid and sensationalistic all the way, but Ray Russell’s source novel was a step up from the usual Castle material and the picture has remained a fan favorite.

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About Stuart Gordon

Writer/director Stuart Gordon returned to the world of live theater in 2009 with productions of Nevermore starring his old friend Jeffrey Combs as Edgar Allan Poe and 2011’s Re-Animator The Musical (the title says it all.) In 2014 he produced and directed Taste, a play based on the true life story of the man who put a help-wanted ad on the internet for someone he could kill and eat. Of course he's best known for his film work, notably Re-Animator and From Beyond.

Stuart passed away in March 2020 after a long illness.

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