John Landis on

Mighty Joe Young

Released 1949
Distributor RKO Radio Pictures

A fan favorite from 50 years of tv broadcasts, this family-oriented amalgam of Kong and Son of Kong is a girl-and-her-giant-ape saga with a cheery, breezy tone. Terrific fx work by Willis O’Brien and devoted fan/assistant Ray Harryhausen gives Joe Young a more complex personality than most of his stop-motion predecessors.

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About John Landis

John Landis is the director of Animal House, The Blues BrothersAn American Werewolf In LondonTrading Places, Schlock, Kentucky Fried MovieSpies Like UsThree Amigos!Into The Night, The Stupids, Innocent Blood, Coming To America, Burke & Hare, and Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Black Or White among many other films, commercials and extensive work in television. He was the Executive Producer and often director of HBO's celebrated series Dream On, and contributed two movies to the Masters of Horror series, Deer Woman and Family. His feature length documentaries Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project premiered on HBO, and Slasher on IFC.

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