Rick Baker on

Man of a Thousand Faces

Released 1957
Distributor Universal

For their 1957 “Silver Jubilee”, Universal offered this occasionally accurate biopic of its biggest silent star, Lon Chaney, as portrayed by the always reliable James Cagney. At the personal request of his widow Norma Shearer, producer Irving Thalberg is played by fledgling actor Robert Evans in his second film role before later becoming a Hollywood mogul himself.

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About Rick Baker

Rick Baker blames growing up in front of a television and Famous Monsters of Film Land for the turning him into the strange man that he is today. He turned his interest in monsters and the grotesque into a profession and became a special make-up effects artist.  His award-winning film work includes An American Werewolf in London, Ed Wood, The Wolfman Men in Black, How The Grinch Stole Christmas and The Nutty Professor, to name a few. He loves classic and not so classic horror movies.