Max Landis on

Love Exposure

Released 2010
Distributor Olive Films

Ok, we’d never heard of this one either. But controversial Japanese director/artist/poet Sion Sono has quite a following on the festival circuit for themes including love, family, lust, religion and the perverse phenomenon of upskirt photography. His first cut was six hours long, but was trimmed by two hours at the request of the producers. This is the first of Sono’s so-called Hate Trilogy which includes Cold Fish (2010) and Guilty of Romance (2011). Guru John Landis’s son Max makes his TFH debut with this one.

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About Max Landis

Max Landis is a screenwriter, and now a director and a producer too, which is neat. He wrote Chronicle and that was pretty cool, and it looks like other stuff he wrote will be movies also, which he describes as “exciting.” Max loves movies and comics and arbitrary weirdness that doesn’t namedrop itself or try too hard to be cool.

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