Mick Garris on

Lady in the Lake

Released 1947
Distributor MGM

Robert Montgomery stars and directs himself, sort of, as detective Philip Marlowe in an ususual, “experimental” studio picture. Told entirely from Marlowe’s point of view, the subjective camera sees everything as he would see it, including fleeting glimpses of the actor himself in mirrored reflections. This was a lot harder to accomplish in 1946 than it would be today, and the picture has a small but devoted fan following.

About Mick Garris

Mick Garris will be Executive Producing a film for Universal called Unbroken. It is based on Laura Hillenbrand’s book on Louis Zamperini with Angelina Jolie directing. Previously, Garris created the Masters of Horror hour-long cable series of fright films helmed by well-known genre directors, including himself.  Numerous screenplay assignments led to a career in directing, and he is perhaps best known for his long association with Stephen King, whose novels The Stand and The Shining have been translated by Garris into well-received mini-series. Mick authored the book, “Development Hell”, which can be ordered from Amazon.com at this link!  Mick’s latest books “Snow Shadows” and “Tyler’s Third Act” are now out from Cemetery Dance. A new novella, “Ugly”, and new Hollywood desert noir novel, “SALOME”, will be coming out this year.