Mick Garris on

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Released 1988
Distributor Trans World Entertainment

Kreepy klown space aliens invade Earth and obliterate victims with kotton kandy ray guns and acid-drenched cream pies.  John Vernon and Royal Dano are the only recognizable cast members.
This wacko sci-fi parody and cult favorite is only movie to date written and directed by the talented Bronx-born Chiodo Brothers (Stephen, Charles and Edward), who have created memorably warped puppet and special effects designs for movies as varied as Critters, Dinner for Schmucks and Team America: World Police. But no worries– a belated sequel, Return of the Killer Klowns in 3-D, is supposedly due out this year.  The Chiodo Bros. website is here.

About Mick Garris

Mick Garris will be Executive Producing a film for Universal called Unbroken. It is based on Laura Hillenbrand’s book on Louis Zamperini with Angelina Jolie directing. Previously, Garris created the Masters of Horror hour-long cable series of fright films helmed by well-known genre directors, including himself.  Numerous screenplay assignments led to a career in directing, and he is perhaps best known for his long association with Stephen King, whose novels The Stand and The Shining have been translated by Garris into well-received mini-series. Mick authored the book, “Development Hell”, which can be ordered from Amazon.com at this link!  Mick’s latest books “Snow Shadows” and “Tyler’s Third Act” are now out from Cemetery Dance. A new novella, “Ugly”, and new Hollywood desert noir novel, “SALOME”, will be coming out this year.