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Released 1987
Distributor Warner Bros.

“What if Dean Martin got shrunken down and put inside Jerry Lewis?” That was writer Jeffrey Boam’s clever take on his comedy-fantasy rewrite of a straight spy-fi script conceived by producers who had seemingly never heard of Fantastic Voyage. It attracted director Joe Dante, looking to make a commercial hit after the box office failure of Explorers. But in the end, of course, it turned out to be just as wacky as his earlier stuff, and its most appreciative audience emerged a year later via home video. ILM won an Oscar for its still impressive pre-CGI special effects.

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About Max Landis

Max Landis is a screenwriter, and now a director and a producer too, which is neat. He wrote Chronicle and that was pretty cool, and it looks like other stuff he wrote will be movies also, which he describes as “exciting.” Max loves movies and comics and arbitrary weirdness that doesn’t namedrop itself or try too hard to be cool.

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