Allan Arkush on

A Hard Day’s Night

Released 1964
Distributor United Artists

In 1964 the widespread teenage lament was, “What?! The Beatles movie is in black & white?!” But this was no fly-by-night Sam Katzman musical quickie, — this was a bona fide cultural event. Richard Lester brings his new-wave Goon Show stylistics to the greatest rock & roll vehicle of all time and helps drag the fab fifties kicking and screaming into the Swinging Sixties.

About Allan Arkush

A record collector and film buff from his early days, Allan Arkush brought his two loves together in directing the cult classic Rock ‘n’ Roll High School. Allan’s day job is directing and executive producing television series like Heroes, The Client List and Crossing Jordan.  He has also directed episodes of Ally McBeal, Moonlighting and many other tv series as well as the mini-series, The Temptations, for which he won an Emmy. He wishes that someone would release his 1997 Showtime movie Elvis Meets Nixon on DVD.