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Released 1954
Distributor Trans World

Inoshiro Honda’s 1954 classic spawned a virtual industry of Japanese monster movies when it was released overseas in 1956 in a reworked‚ English version with added scenes featuring Raymond Burr as a US reporter. Even this tampering (more carefully done than subsequent efforts) couldn’t erase the bleak atomic age metaphor that makes both incarnations the most somber and funereal of all apocalyptic movies. Great score by Akira Ifukube.

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About Don Coscarelli

At ten years of age Don Coscarelli actually bribed his teenage babysitter to let him stay up late and watch Invaders from Mars on TV. He’s never been the same. Coscarelli is responsible for writing and directing several cult hits including the Phantasm series, The Beastmaster and Bubba Ho-tep and John Dies at the End.