Dusk to Dawn with Vincent Price

by TFH Team Oct 23, 2013

1377398_748361695178933_1414895301_nOn Thursday October 24, Turner Classic Movies is devoting over ten hours of their broadcast day (and night) to one of Trailers From Hell’s favorite actors, Vincent Price.

Starting at 5:00 PM PST/8:00 EST with Price’s 3-D classic House of Wax, they dive head-first into seven of the more or less essential horror films of the fifties and sixties (including one from TFH guru Roger Corman, 1960’s House of Usher).

To get you primed for the Priceathon here’s Mick Garris on House on Haunted Hill and Joe Dante on The Tingler!

But wait, there’s more! To celebrate Halloween week we’ve added a new image to our TFH Wallpapers section that features, not-so-coincidentally, Vincent Price! Transform your computer screen into a medieval torture chamber and impress your friends! You can download it here or from the sidebar to the right. Long live Vincent Price (he’s so amusing)!


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