Katt Shea on

Devil Doll

Released 1964
Distributor Associated Film Distributing Corp.

The old chestnut of the the crazed ventriloquist possessed by his dummy dates back at least to the early talkie The Great Gabbo, and probably reached its apogee in the Michael Redgrave episode of Dead of Night. But director Lindsay Shonteff’s underrated (partly because it was lampooned on MST3K) chiller has merits of its own, and throws a few clever twists into the expected stew. Original director Sidney Furie is said to have kept an eye on the production after departing for greener pastures. Star Bryant Haliday was one of the founders of pioneering art film distrib Janus Films in 1956.

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About Katt Shea

Writer-director Katt Shea has been honored with retrospectives of her critically acclaimed films at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, The British Film Institute in London and various festivals throughout Europe.  Her work includes: Poison Ivy starring Drew Barrymore and Tom Skerritt, The Rage: Carrie II, and Dance of the Damned.

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