Marshall Harvey on

Defending Your Life

Released 1991
Distributor Warner Bros.

Albert Brooks’ 1991 dramedy finds Brooks himself as a recently deceased ad executive caught in an otherworldly limbo where he must, literally, defend his life to a heavenly court in order to determine his fate in the afterlife. With Meryl Streep as Brooks’ celestial sweetheart and the great Rip Torn as his less than angelic attorney.

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About Marshall Harvey

Marshall Harvey is a graduate of the film school at Cal Arts. After working on several documentaries, early music videos, and trailers for New World Pictures, he moved into feature films with The Sword and the Sorcerer. He has edited many movies and television productions with director Joe Dante including The ‘burbs, Matinee, The Second Civil War, Small Soldiers and Masters of Horror.  Marshall has also done films with directors Steve Miner (Lake Placid), Mick Garris (Riding the Bullet) and   Dario Argento (Dracula 3D).

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