Neil Labute on

Day for Night

Released 1973
Distributor Warner Bros.

“Shooting a movie is like a stagecoach trip. At first you hope for a nice ride. Then you just hope to reach your destination.” Francois Truffaut’s warm, funny and knowing dramedy is one of the greatest movies about movies and the act of making them. The project in question, “Meet Pamela”, is obviously a potboiler, but the complex relations between cast and crew mirror every movie large or small. Another great George Delerue score is the cherry on top.

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About Neil Labute

Neil Labute is a writer/director who has worked in radio, television, film and theater. He watches many more films than he will ever make and is thankful that he has enough shelf space at home for the Criterion Collection. When he grows up, he would like to be a cowboy or an astronaut (a nurse or ballerina run a close third and fourth).