Patton Oswalt on

Dark Waters

Released 2019
Distributor Focus Features

Todd Haynes’s Dark Waters is the latest in a line of David vs. Goliath thrillers like Silkwood and The China Syndrome. Mark Ruffalo plays Robert Bilott, a real-life environmental attorney who took corporate giant Dupont to court for poisoning a community with unregulated chemicals. These stories rarely have happy endings but Bilott triumphed, winning over $600 million in settlements.

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Patrick Bennat

Very interesting angle on a fine, gripping film, even though I still prefer Zaillian’s A CIVIL ACTION (also to the similar, rightfully lauded ERIN BROCKOVICH). In case you haven’t seen his debut SEARCHING FOR BOBBY FISHER, check that one out, too! Ace storytelling, sadly didn’t get the attention it deserved. As for your commentaries: please keep ’em coming! Always entertaining & great pickings so far. Thanks!

Jenny Agutter fan

Yes, I saw this one, and then not long afterwards John Oliver had a piece on forever chemicals.