Joe Dante on

Conquest of Space

Released 1955
Distributor Paramount

Star-gazer George Pal’s infatuation with scientifically accurate depictions of our interplanetary future came to an end with this ill-starred venture which ended up playing second feature bookings. It’s ambitious and full of spectacle, but dramatically it’s pretty primitive. The studio tried to recoup their losses by fashioning a tv pilot around the fx sequences called Destination Space, (available here) but it didn’t sell and Pal moved on to the likes of Tom Thumb.

About Joe Dante

Joe Dante is a lifelong film buff who turned his obsession into a career. He got his start cutting trailers for Roger Corman and later directed the hit movie Gremlins, as well as Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Innerspace and Small Soldiers for producer Steven Spielberg. His feature films include The Howling, Piranha, Matinee, The ‘burbs , Looney Tunes Back in Action, The Hole (first winner of the 3D Persol Award at the Venice Film Festival) and the zom-com Burying the Ex. His TV directing work includes: Police Squad, Amazing Stories, the HBO film The Second Civil War, the Masters of Horror titles Homecoming and The Screwfly Solution, and episodes of Eerie, Indiana, CSI: NY, Hawaii 5-0, Witches of East End, Legends of Tomorrow and Salem. His latest big screen credit is an episode of the upcoming anthology film Nightmare Cinema. Joe is also the frequent co-host of Trailers From Hell's official podcast, The Movies That Made Me, available everywhere podcasts are streamed and downloaded!