Mark Goldblatt on

City of the Living Dead

Released 1983
Distributor Motion Picture Marketing

Also known as The Gates of Hell (among other titles), this gruesome entry is the first of a loose Lucio Fulci trilogy including The Beyond and The House By the Cemetery. When the Gates of Hell are opened, hordes of ravenous levitating zombies are unleashed and reporter Christopher George has to travel to Lovecraft’s Dunwich to close the portal before All Saint’s Day.

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About Mark Goldblatt

A lifelong film buff and horror fan, Mark Goldblatt is an Academy Award nominated film editor with over 40 feature films to his credit, including The TerminatorTerminator 2: Judgment DayStarship TroopersArmageddonRise of the Planet of the Apes (edited with Conrad Buff), Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, and most recently fellow TFH Guru Eli Roth's Death Wish (2018).  He also directed the films Dead Heat and The Punisher (1989 version).

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