Tim Hunter on

The Champagne Murders

Released 1968
Distributor Universal

At the tail end of his “commercial period” France’s Claude Chabrol tried one those international coproductions with a US studio, only to see the result land with a resounding thud. From then on it was one acclaimed arthouse hit after another and this one remains an interesting footnote in a distinguished career.

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About Tim Hunter

Tim Hunter is the director of River’s Edge, Tex, Saint of Fort Washington, and other features. In TV, he has directed episodes of Twin Peaks, Homicide, the Beverly Hills 90210 pilot, and most recently episodes of Mad Men, Dexter, American Horror Story, Hannibal and others.  Although he doesn’t see retirement from directing coming anytime too soon, Hunter spends much of his down time on an editing bench in Sante Fe cleaning, restoring and repairing old 16mm prints – presumably good for the soul as well as the prints.  

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