Larry Karaszewski on

Catch 22

Released 1970
Distributor Paramount

Widely considered a disaster at the time, Mike Nichols’ elaborate film version of Joseph Heller’s absurdist anti-war novel has since recaptured a bit of cult heat. Heller himself was enthusiastic about Buck Henry’s adaptation of his complex work. The four-month shoot (in San Carlos, Mexico on a specially constructed air base) was reportedly a tense and difficult affair, but the result is a trenchant satire whose sophistication eluded audiences who preferred their anti-war hijinks in the broader style of Altman’s M*A*S*H, released the same year. Orson Welles, who plays General Dreedle, had hoped to film the novel but was unable to secure the rights.

About Larry Karaszewski

Larry Karaszewski with his writing/directing/producing partner Scott Alexander are best known for writing unusual true stories. They created the hit television miniseries “The People v O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story” for which they won the Golden Globe, the Emmy, the PGA and WGA Awards. They also won the Golden Globe and WGA Award for the film “The People vs Larry Flynt.” Other movies include the Oscar winning “Ed Wood” (WGA nomination), “Big Eyes” (Independent Spirit nomination), “Auto Focus" and “Man on the Moon.” The team has been inducted into the Final Draft Screenwriting Hall of Fame. Larry is an active Los Angeles cineaste hosting a long running film series for the American Cinematheque. He is also a Governor for writers branch of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.