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Blood of the Vines – Champagne Murders

by TFH Team Nov 14, 2013

With a title like “Champagne Murders” it should come as no surprise to find that the movie is a French murder mystery. The lead character is a Champagne dealer who sustains a blow to the head and can’t take care of his business anymore. Some would argue that people enter the wine business after a blow to the head, but we don’t align ourselves with those snarky types.

The woman who owns the winery tries to wrest control of the wine’s trademark away from him – cherchez la femme – and murders and blackmail ensue. A lot of Champagne is consumed in the movie, most of it by the wine guy. We don’t know if he’s the killer or not, and he’s so loaded even he doesn’t know. Anthony Perkins is in the cast, and considering his role in “Psycho,” I’d keep my eyes on him, if I were you.

While not exactly bubbly, Claude Chabrol’s film is quite artistic and much loved by fans of French cinema. It probably has quite a few fans in the French wine business, too.

In his commentary on the movie, Trailers From Hell guru Tim Hunter shows a poster from the film’s Mexican release, where it was called “Burbujas de Terror,” which translates to “Bubbles of Terror.” The trailer tells us that the film depicts “The Vintage Year For Murder.” Let’s take the natural path and pop the cork on some terrifying bubbles.

Actually, the bubbles aren’t so terrifying, but the price tag is. Moet & Chandon’s Dom Perignon 2002 Brut will find a way to wrest control of that $140 bucks in your wallet, but if you are going to trade in bubbles, trade in the best. They say it’s really a killer Champagne.