Josh Olson on

Blood Simple

Released 1985
Distributor Circle Films

Dashiell Hammett’s classic thriller Red Harvest provided the title for Joel and Ethan Coen’s first movie, a neo-noir that set the tone for acclaimed follow-ups like Fargo and Miller’s Crossing. “Blood simple” is a term that describes the disoriented, terrified behavior of people exposed to prolonged violent activities. The DVD “director’s cut” is three minutes shorter than the original theatrical release. Remade in 2009 by Zhang Yimou as A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop.

About Josh Olson

Josh Olson  was the only student in his second grade class to see The House That Dripped Blood.  Many years later, he wrote and directed the no-budget horror film, Infested, a brutal assault on The Big Chill, with zombies. He went on to write the screenplay for A History of Violence and was nominated for the WGA, BAFTA and Academy Awards for Best Screenplay. He kept losing to Larry McMurtry, but that’s okay.  He co-wrote the teleplay for the Masters of Science Fiction episode, The Discarded, with Harlan Ellison, and is currently writing a sophisticated thriller, Tabloid, for Mick Jagger.