Jack Hill on

The Big Doll House

Released 1971
Distributor New World Pictures

Jack Hill recalls the making of his mega-hit, the Roger Corman/Cirio Santiago jungle prison flick that started the avalanche of busty-broads-behind-bars pix that packed the drive-ins throughout the 70s. NSFW

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About Jack Hill

Jack Hill began his career, like so many of his contemporaries, working for Roger Corman, then wrote and directed the cult classic Spider Baby, which introduced his favorite actor, Sid Haig. His The Big Doll House launched an entire genre of “Women in Prison” pix as well as Pam Grier, whom he later brought to stardom in Coffy and Foxy Brown. Other credits include The Big Bird CagePit StopSwinging Cheerleaders and Switchblade Sisters. He is currently exec producing a series of remakes of some of his earlier horror films. See Jack Hill Presents.

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