Neil Marshall on

Battle Beyond the Stars

Released 1980
Distributor New World Pictures

This quintessential New World picture from producer Roger Corman features a jaw-dropping array of behind-the-scenes talent including a score from James Horner, a script from John Sayles and art direction from James Cameron. Starring Richard Thomas, the supporting cast is equally impressive, including turns from Sam Jaffe, Sybil Danning, George Peppard, John Saxon and Robert Vaughn. Directed by Jimmy T. Murakami who went on to helm animated classics like When the Wind Blows and The Snowman.

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About Neil Marshall

Neil Marshall is a genre film-maker from the North of England. His features include Dog Soldiers, The Descent and Centurion. He directed the 'Blackwater' episode of Game of Thrones, and the first episode of the Michael Bay produced pirate show Black Sails. Most recently he's directed episodes of Constantine, Hannibal, Timeless, Westworld and the revamped Lost in Space. Currently he's directing the newest Hellboy feature.

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