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Released 1992
Distributor The Samuel Goldwyn Company

Ron Fricke’s 1992 documentary celebrating the natural beauty of the world and its cultures makes full use of a little-used but glorious photographic process, 70 mm Todd-AO. That crystal clear format was used for 1956’s Around the World in 80 Days and Fricke takes that as a challenge, traveling to 24 countries on six continents to assemble this one-of-a-kind movie. A sequel was produced in 2011, Samsara, which explored many of Baraka’s same themes.

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About Eduardo Rodriguez

Eduardo Rodriguez hails from Caracas, Venezuela. He studied Communications before coming to The Florida State University Film School to polish his training. He worked professionally as an editor and writer in his native country before coming to the US. In 2002 his thesis short film Daughter earned him a three-picture deal with Dimension Films, a subsidiary company of Miramax Films. Since, Eduardo has helmed several feature films, TV shows and web series. His "propulsive and creepy" 2022 horror movie The Darkness of the Road got a shout out from the New York Times newsletter, and is available for rent or purchase on most major platforms.