Amuck (NSFW)

by TFH Team Feb 19, 2014

Trailers From Hell welcomes all movies great and small but sometimes a particular trailer may not be up to the visual quality of the rest of our catalog or is simply too oddball to present in our usual format. Nevertheless, there’s such a wealth of exciting, strange and unusual films out there, we’d be remiss not to call attention to them. We’re happy to present the TFH Misfits.


GP2 Amuck



Usually trailer cutters bend over backwards trying to make a film look more provocative than it really is. The trailer for director Silvio Amadio’s 1972 giallo, Amuck, gilds the lily, so to speak, by taking what was already a fairly salacious piece of work and ramping up the sexual hyperbole.

Featuring sex scenes interrupted by an abrupt “Cut” and fake man-on-the-street interviews with the dazed audience as they emerge from the theater, Amuck harks back to the fast and loose ballyhoo of the fifties and sixties. NSFW

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