Katt Shea on

Altered States

Released 1980
Distributor Warner Bros.

William Hurt, in his screen debut, experiments with that nostalgic 80s pastime, sensory deprivation, which culminates in biological devolution. Writer Paddy Chayefsky, credited onscreen as Sidney Aaron despite writing the novel his screenplay was based on, disowned Ken Russell’s wacko hallucinatory approach, which plays more like a remake of Return of the Ape Man. Original director Arthur Penn and FX maven John Dyksytra also resigned after disputes with Chayefsky, whose last picture this was. Darren Aronofsky revisited this territory in The Fountain, to equally mixed results.

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About Katt Shea

Writer-director Katt Shea has been honored with retrospectives of her critically acclaimed films at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, The British Film Institute in London and various festivals throughout Europe.  Her work includes: Poison Ivy starring Drew Barrymore and Tom Skerritt, The Rage: Carrie II, and Dance of the Damned.

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