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A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence

Released 2015
Distributor Magnolia Pictures

A mordant Swedish comedy featuring two traveling salesmen who deal in novelty items like x-ray specs and monster masks. The movie is unique in both its concept and execution – inspired by a painting by Bruegel, the film is presented as a series of barely connected set pieces. Directed by Roy Andersson, the 2014 release stars Holger Andersson and Nils Westblom as the down and out peddlers.

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About Eduardo Rodriguez

Eduardo Rodriguez hails from Caracas, Venezuela. He studied Communications before coming to The Florida State University Film School to polish his training. He worked professionally as an editor and writer in his native country before coming to the US. In 2002 his thesis short film Daughter earned him a three-picture deal with Dimension Films, a subsidiary company of Miramax Films. Since, Eduardo has helmed several feature films, TV shows and web series. His "propulsive and creepy" 2022 horror movie The Darkness of the Road got a shout out from the New York Times newsletter, and is available for rent or purchase on most major platforms.

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