Neil Marshall on

Escape From New York

Released 1981
Distributor Avco Embassy

About Escape From New York

John Carpenter’s 1981 film was conceived as a political parable in the mid-seventies (with Watergate as his inspiration) but the resulting movie dropped most of the social commentary and focused instead on tongue-in-cheek sci-fi thrills with a comically taciturn Kurt Russell (doing his best Clint Eastwood impression) as grizzled anti-hero Snake Plissken. Boosted by its rogue’s gallery of classic character actors like Lee Van Cleef, Ernest Borgnine and Donald Pleasance, Carpenter’s film was a good-sized hit, spawning a sequel, Escape from L.A., released in 1996.



About Neil Marshall

Neil Marshall is a genre film-maker from the North of England. His features include Dog Soldiers, The Descent and Centurion. He's most recently directed the 'Blackwater' episode of Game of Thrones, and the first episode of the Michael Bay produced pirate show Black Sails.
  • Michael Nallin

    My name is Michael Nallin. I was the editor for this trailer (and the rest of the advertising campaign) while working for a company called Suski-Fallick Productions. It was the first trailer I had edited, but certainly not the last. i still occasionally cut trailers, amongst other projects.

    • Joe Dante

      Welcome, Brian. Several of us TFHers started out cutting trailers so it’s always fun to hear from other practitioners of this very specialized (some might say “lost”) art.

  • Petey Poo

    Excellent commentary for a great film. Incidentally, I wonder if we will ever see a release for the director’s cut of Doomsday? I seem to recall Neil mentioning a slightly longer version with ‘better pacing’ in an interview once (either Empire or Total Film). Or is it already available somewhere?

  • dbwindhorst

    Just in case this hasn’t come up elsewhere: Carpenter had previously worked with Kurt Russell too, who starred in his made-for-TV Elvis biopic — which also featured Season Hubley as Priscilla.