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Released 1977
Distributor Libra Films International

About Eraserhead

David Lynch’s visionary black comedy was shot in sunny California but the bleakly surreal black and white imagery, full of smoking chimneys and dilapidated walk-ups, suggests a nightmare factory town by way of Diane Arbus. The film has such a uniquely grungy beauty (courtesy of Frederick Elmes’ photography) and featured such eccentrically empathetic characters (in particular the woebegone hero played by Jack Nance) that the prescient Mel Brooks took a chance on the unknown Lynch and hired him to direct The Elephant Man. Commensurate with its “hand-made” origins, Eraserhead never had a proper theatrical release trailer, so we’re presenting the trailer for the dvd release.

About Karyn Kusama

Karyn Kusama wrote and directed her first feature film, Girlfight in 1999. Since then she has directed the science-fiction love story Aeon Flux, and the comedy-horror film Jennifer’s Body. She lives in Los Angeles.
  • Stephen Cooke

    Like Karyn, I saw Eraserhead at a local rep cinema as well, when I had just turned 13, and I can also say that movie changed me for life. I’ve never really looked at the world in quite the say way since, and that was in 1980. Another friend of mine had the misfortune of dropping acid before the screening. He probably came out of that a changed person as well, but possibly not for the better (if ever there was a movie that doesn’t need drugs to make it weird, it’s this one).

  • Zach

    Would this be the Tivoli in St. Louis she is referring to or a different one?

    • Zach

      After looking at her Wikipedia page, it appears that she was born in St. Louis so it is the same theater. Can’t recommend it enough if you are passing through St. Louis.