Welcome to Trailers From Hell

Any movie can be great at 2 1/2 minutes!
Trailers — you know — those fast-paced theatrical promos that have preceded the Feature Attraction
since the dawn of sound? An exciting montage of all The Best Parts of a movie full of swirling letters screaming
hyperbolic promises of THRILLS! ACTION! MYSTERY! ROMANCE!

Packing all the highlights of a whole picture into its own mini-movie in just a few fast-paced minutes, TRAILERS FROM
HELL is the brainchild of film director Joe Dante, new media entrepreneur Jonas Hudson, graphic artist Charlie Largent
and producer Elizabeth Stanley. The series was initially born out of their mutual love of films of all types, but especially
classic horror, science-fiction and exploitation films, which tend to have the coolest trailers.

TFH is the premier showcase for a breathtakingly eclectic assortment of trailers punctuated with informative and amusing
commentary by world-renowned contemporary filmmakers. This content is syndicated across multiple platforms including the
TFH website (www.trailersfromhell.com) and our YouTube and Blinkx Channels, and is also available via mobile devices and
on Home Video and Video on Demand in the US and internationally.


Joe Dante

Joe Dante first gained cult notoriety for his now legendary movie-mash-up, The Movie Orgy.  His first feature was Hollywood Blvd. which he co-directed with Allan Arkush for mentor Roger Corman. He made a splash with Piranha and then a slash with the werewolf thriller, The Howling. A well-received segment of Twilight Zone: The Movie led to the smash hit Gremlins for Steven Spielberg.

Subsequent films include:  Explorers, The ‘Burbs, Gremlins 2: The New BatchMatinee Small SoldiersLooney Tunes Back in Action (featuring one of Dante’s favorite actors, Bugs Bunny), and The Hole 3D which garnered the inaugural Best 3D Feature Award at the 2009 Venice Film Festival.

Dante has directed television episodes of Amazing Stories, Twilight Zone, Police Squad!. Night Visions, Picture Windows, CSI: New York, and Hawaii 5-0, as well as pilots for The Osiris Chronicles and Eerie, Indiana, on which he was also creative consultant.  He received Cable Ace nominations for his direction of the Showtime movie Runaway Daughters and HBO’s The Second Civil War.

His politically-charged  Homecoming episode of Showtime’s Masters of Horror  received rave reviews and was named to numerous critics lists.  He also directed The Screwfly Solution for that show’s second season.  Dante currently produces the acclaimed new media series Trailers from Hell.

His latest, the rom-zom-com Burying the Ex, is slated for release this year.  He has been honored with lifetime achievement awards and career retrospectives  at prestigious film festivals, museums and cinematheques around the world.


Elizabeth Photo 2010 - Cropped

Elizabeth Stanley

After 7 years as the Directors Guild of America’s Assistant Executive Director, Elizabeth Stanley established Elizabeth Stanley Pictures in 2005. Since then, she has produced the feature documentary, The Doctor, The Tornado and The Kentucky Kid and The Dark Path Chronicles, an original webisode series for FEARnet.  She also produces the award-winning multi-platform series Trailers from Hell (www.trailersfromhell.com).  Future projects include: Trafficked,  a thriller set in the world of the sex slave trade; The Man with Kaleidoscope Eyes and Monster Love, both to be directed by Joe Dante; and The Dark Path, a gothic fairy tale.

Jonas Hudson

Jonas Hudson has spent the past 15 years as an executive in mobile/new media content distribution and marketing.  In 2009, Mr. Hudson co‐founded Cause-Play, a digital/mobile agency with a focus on causes and activating social change.

Prior to CausePlay, Mr. Hudson co-founded The Nickels Group in 2002.  TNG focused on mobile distribution and online music and video syndication.  TNG distributed mobile content and has produced content that can be downloaded on over 50 carrier decks worldwide.  TNG produced and distributed over 1,000 “made for mobile” video episodes and distributed millions of wallpapers, ringback tones and truetones. In 2006, Mr. Hudson sold TNG to Mobile Streams, LTD a public company in the UK (MOS), which is the mobile arm of Liberty Media  (NASDAQ: LSTZB). At Mobile Streams Mr. Hudson took a senior executive role in building out new mobile and online distribution channels.

Mr. Hudson worked in marketing and distribution at Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema. At Warner Bros., he planned and executed marketing and marketing strategies for the launch of the patented, new DVD technology, under Warren Lieberfarb. While there, he also created and implemented promotional partnerships with numerous Fortune 500 companies including General Motors, Coca-¬‐Cola, and Nestle.

In between everything Mr. Hudson has produced a few films and documentaries.

Charlie Largent

Indiana native Charlie Largent does all the illustration and design for Trailers From Hell. He received his BFA at the John Herron School of Art in Indianapolis and his MFA at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. After graduation, he created commercial illustrations for advertisers and publishers while also developing his fine art. He began a series of one man and group shows (in New York, Chicago, Indianapolis and Los Angeles) that continue to this day.

In 1997, Largent developed Charlie Hill Illustration which provides digital illustration to the advertising and editorial world and includes Coca-Cola, Microsoft and A&E Network among his clients.

In 2000 Largent moved to California, beginning a stint as film reviewer (for Video Watchdog) and writing screenplays. He sold an original story, Tagged, to UPN for the most recent incarnation of The Twilight Zone hosted by Forest Whitaker and co-wrote the original screenplay The Man With Kaleidoscope Eyes, which will be directed by Joe Dante. In addition to his illustration and design for Trailers From Hell, Charlie is currently working on a series of drawings for an upcoming exhibition, as well as a book on film. Charlie’s writing is represented by Judy Coppage of The Coppage Company and his commercial art is represented by Mendola Artists (in the US) and Meiklejohn Artists (in the UK).


Mark Alan

Minister of Information and Technology

A native of Michigan, Mark Alan relocated to California by way of New York City. With a life-long commitment to the arts, Alan attended a two-year dramatic arts conservatory and later found himself working in various aspects of film and TV including assistant casting, and video-logging for the Travel Channel. After the jump to the west coast, Mark landed a job working for Joe Dante’s production company, Renfield Productions. With strengths in literature and technology, Alan was able to prove himself an asset for Mr. Dante holding positions in both screenplay development and marketing. He continues a path in what he calls his “double life” as an actor, having booked numerous performances including a co-starring part in the Corman/Dante interactive web series Splatter. Most recently Alan can be seen in Dante’s upcoming Burying The Ex alongside Anton Yelchin and Ashley Greene.

Danny Mears

Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Technology

Danny Mears lives in Los Angeles.

Andrew Ehrich

Under Secretary of Information and Technology

A small-town kid from Minnesota, Andrew is a recent Film and New Media undergraduate from the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. While in school, he wrote, directed, edited, and produced short films – ambitions he’s continuing to fully pursue, while now living in Los Angeles. As marketing manager at Trailers From Hell, he’s more than elated to be a part of something that legitimately allows him to put his film geekery to good use.

Chris Condon

The Messenger

Chris Condon grew up on a steady diet of Monday Night Raw, Tales from the Crypt, and King Kong in Metuchen New Jersey. He spent his school days trekking through the swamps making movies with his friends and studying film the old fashioned way. He re-located to Los Angeles in late 2011 hoping to get paid to do the same thing he’d be doing anyway, and by luck or voodoo, ended up working for his hero Joe Dante here at Trailers From Hell.

David Moore

David Moore is a second generation Hollywood kid who has spent most of his life in and around stages and post houses.  By 20, he was already an accomplished editor, and was able to put himself through UC Irvine with trips to LA to cut commercials and music videos. After five years of cutting movies, documentaries and anything else that wandered into his edit bay, David opened his own post house, Media Island in 1999.  With the wild expansion of alternative production sites fueled by tax incentives, he branched out into the studio business in 2006, and became COO of Arizona Film Studios.  Always sensing opportunity, he became involved with film production in China and worked with Hollywood Movieworks to develop a large film studio complex in Beijing.  While working between the two countries, David became well versed in the international film business and particularly the areas of risk in filmmaking and film investment.  Currently he runs an entertainment risk management company called Productionland that caters to filmmakers and live event producers.  Through it all, David has continued to shoot and edit projects that are important to him and Trailers From Hell is one of those great opportunities to geek out with his friends on the movies they love.


Kris Millsap

Purveyor of Fine Digital Confectionery

Kris heads the TFH interactive division from his offices at NMS3 in Lawrence, KS.

He began his career running a low power television affiliate in Southwest Missouri creating successful promotions with the network, regional advertisers and the WWE while writing, producing and editing a weekly series based on and starring cult cinema and grindhouse classics. His work in commercials resulted in numerous awards and recognitions.

In 2007, he received the People’s Choice Award at the South by Southwest Interactive festival for his work in merging video and the web and was instrumental in contributing interactive possibilities to the emerging medium of new media.

Kris has collaborated with leading software and app companies, bioscience and technology innovators and Fortune 500 brands worldwide. Currently, Kris is the creative director at NMS3 while developing several creative projects for various media.